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False Prophet
25th June, 2017 Writers
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False Prophets.

          If you are reading this now then you about to get the same picture going through my head right now. This picture has been in my head before now and have tried my best in letting those around me get the full picture. In trying to make people understand my point of view have met people who agreed and people who still went ahead with their decision. I believe after reading this, you'll get the full picture of what am trying to paint and it'll resonate in your mind maybe then we can rid our country of false prophets. A few years back, a retired General took a decision that he was still fit both physically and mentally to go to war.

 This General felt he was chosen to deliver his people like Moses. Having gathered all the confidence any human could get he began preaching his truth (in the words of Kareem). Been a clever soldier he started from his hometown because he understands one of the basic rule of human relation which says "If those around you share in your dreams they will support you all the way". As time went on his message of truth began to spread beyond the borders of Daura. He was achieving his desired results. His congregation had an insight of hope at the mention of his name.

Now, the time was ripe for him to accomplish his dreams. Like a normal human driven with a massive desire to achieve his dream he began to work tirelessly but he had one problem he was too desperate. In trying to prove that he was the Messiah he began to make false prophecies which a few of us out here and I knew to be a well constructed fallacy. His congregation held on to this fallacy so dearly, they were ready to make a fool of anybody who tried to contest that fact. Only if they knew that time.

So, Odun and Emeka just came back from the gas station. Hear what Emeka had to say "this one never happen before, I surprise o". "Wetin happen?" I ask. "Can you imagine gas wey we dey fill for #800 naso we reach there dem talk say nah #2500 now, be like say nah firewood we go dey use cook now" Emeka said. Look, he was a false prophet, he is still a false prophet in fact he is a clueless, confused false prophet. Hope you got the picture?

First Published Jan. 21