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21st August, 2017 Writers
  • You can't just judge a man based on their actions get close to know who they really are.
My eyes widely open like that of an owl. I held on tight to my Teddy bear 'cause my life seems to depends on him. My Teddy is the only sibling I have. We joke and play together both day and night. The only person I share my thoughts and feelings with is my Teddy. When I had a crush on Bayo, I told my Teddy. I saw sadness in his eyes 'cause he knows my attention will soon be shifted away. The day Bayo asked my out, I ran home like "Secretariat" just to inform my Teddy. He only gave a smile and I knew very well that it was a fake one. I have zero level for relationships. People call me proud 'cause I am taciturn. Guys call me stupid because my responses often are short and precise. They loathe me because of my personality. How I wish they could have some empathy. I grew up alone with no brother to argue and fight with... No sisters to share attires and items together. I can't express the joy I see in the eyes of elder sisters when they back their younger ones. The love when siblings feed their younger ones... The sacrifice brothers make when their sisters cry over what belongs to their brothers... The blame they take when younger ones lie on them... How I wish I could have all these! Don't blame me for my attitude, I learnt relationship from my Teddy.