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Love part 2
21st August, 2017 Writers
  • Knowing what love entails..
Can you fight love? Love is stronger than Goliath. Love has its arsenal filled with different types of emotions and feelings. Mighty men falls at the touch of love. Even the creator's "weakness" is love. He loved man despite their state of peccancy. Have you ever wondered what stopped Him from destroying the world? Creations that were meant to honour and worship him turned their hearts away from him. They broke His heart. He could have destroyed them for their actions. He could have sent messengers of death to slay them all. With a snap of His fingers He could have sent both fire and thunder. But love held him back. Love made him give out His most cherished possession to those who don't know the cost. The bottom line is you can't give up on love. Love strengthens you to do good and not evil. Husbands, reconcile with your wives and don't cheat on her. Beating is not the panacea. Modern love has turned to something else. Shooting, stabbing, embarrassment are the products of love today. If she is not interested in marrying you, let her be. Love lets go and does not force. Couples develop hatred and bitterness suddenly. Where is the first love? Who quenched the fire? Who turned the light off? Let love rule. Become a "fool" for love.