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How To Create A Profitable Blog
18th August, 2017 Writers
  • What you need to start your blog

Creating your blog is a great way to express yourself on the internet. We all have reasons to start a blog and making money from it is one interesting reason we are not going to disagree with.
To create a profitable blog and earn from it, you will need to put certain things in place and know how the internet works. 


We start here…




1. Bringing Up A Blog Idea


When starting a blog, the first thing that should come to mind and the first question to ask yourself is- ‘what am I going to blog about’ ‘what niche should I plow?’ Do a research and find out where you think you can fill a need. Don’t ever think your idea isn’t good enough, as long as you know what you are doing, people will come to learn from you. So, get started with your blog idea and start working on it.

In no particular order, here are some examples of good niches to consider-


Technology blog

Business blog

Cars blog

Health blog

Entertainment blog

Fashion and styles blog



2. Blog Purpose


After getting your blog idea, know the purpose for setting up your blog. Think of those you want to reach, how you think you can affect them, what you think you can tell them that will bring them back for more. The main aim of your blog should be to teach, help and satisfy your readers and give them what they really need even though your blog is to make money for you.



3. Blog name


A good blog name should give your readers an idea what your blog is about even before they access it except you use your own name or someone’s name. A blog name should also be attractive and sound interesting. While picking a suitable blog name, put these areas in mind-


-The length of the name- the name shouldn’t be too lengthy.

-The meaning of the name- Try to give the name a meaning that people can decode.

-Spelling and pronunciation- Make it easy to spell and pronounced so that people won’t type a wrong blog name.



4. Blogging platform


There are a number of blogging platforms to pick from. Do a research and find the best for you and your blog. Some popular platforms are-






- Drupal

- Quora

- Jux

- Ghost

- Live journal



5. List of Topics


Unless you are a news blogger, you will have to take some time to know what topics to address in your blog. Before you start blogging, make a list of topics to talk about on your blog. Keep writing more topics even before you exhaust them all and don’t bother whether you can write on those topics or not, at least not yet. Also, check other blogs related to your niche and know what posts are trending.

Have a book for your blog topics and pick one topic after another to write about.



6. Write About You


Write a brief info about you. Talk about yourself and let your readers know you. Let them know who they are communicating with. Make sure you tell them important things they need to know about you in relation to your blog, the reason you started your blog, the purpose for your blog and why they should read your blog. Be compelling when talking about yourself.



7. Write Attractive And Compelling Posts


You will not want to fall in a situation where you are sending your readers away rather than getting more and more. Your posts is the secret to making sure you get readers and keeping them around. Write posts that would leave your readers craving for more. Give your readers a reason to come back for more and try to make every post as good as the previous one. Be creative and sensible with your writing.



8. Write Your Own Style


Write in your own style. Be creative with the way you write. Let people know you even through the way you write your articles. Create a style that is good and personal.

Spelling errors can be very detrimental to your blog. Make sure to check for errors in every post you write about. Don’t rush your articles because you want to quickly post them. Take some time to check what you’ve written and arrange them properly before finally publishing them.



9. Study Other Blogs In Similar Niche As You


Trust me, you can’t write with your knowledge alone. You need to study blogs in your niche and know what they are writing about. Spy on them and get their topics. Check the comment section and see what posts attract quite a number of comments. Don’t copy their contents, just write your own way.



10. Promote Your Blog


As you do all that has been listed above, you cannot expect your blog to automatically attract readers no matter how good it is, so you have to spread the word around. Find a way to promote your blog, tell people around you, let the social networks become your friend and make sure to stare up the minds of people to follow your blog.


Everyone is different, so don’t expect that what works for someone else will work for you. You should find the best way that all of this will work out fine for you.