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6 Things To Do To Never Lose Your Customers
18th August, 2017 Writers
  • Never lose your customers again with these tips

Business is not all about creating products and making profits, it is about building a relationship with those you create these products for and make profits from- your clients.


It is about taking the proper steps to bringing your customers back to you and creating the chance to bring in more clients to your business.


It is a process and you will have to be patient to build such a relationship that will make them stay.


Here’s what you should be doing to not lose your customers…




1. Know Your Customers


Customers that realize that you know them, are happy to continue working with you. They will want to even get more clients to work with you as well. Have a personal relationship with them and have great conversations together. It is not all just about business, what happens outside business also matters a lot. Don’t just create business people from your customers, create great friends as well. Make your clients know that you are not just concerned about your money but also about their well being and satisfaction.



2. Establish Customer’s Trust


A customer’s trust in you has great impact on your business. Give your customers what they want, tell them the truth about what you offer and don’t lie to them. To build trust with your customers,

Show how credible you are and let them see your transparency.

Show that what you give is what you really have. Don’t project a side that you’re not, they will soon discover your ingenuity.



3. Stay In Touch


Make sure you don’t do stuffs without letting your customers know what you are bringing. Tell your customers about upgrades, new stuffs, ask questions and let them know that their opinions really count in your decisions.



4. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

How would you like to be treated by a service provider or consultant? What would you like them do to you as a client? Put yourself in the position of your customers and answer these questions. That is how your customers want to be treated also and that is what you should give to them.



5. Listen To Them

It is not just about what you have to offer, it is also about whether your customers love what you have for them, therefore, you must be a good observer and listener. Listen to them and find out what they want from you and give it to them. Let them know that they have your attention.



6. Be Their Solution

Yes, this is different from listening. In listening to your clients, you might not be able to come up with a ready solution but shows that you are working on it. Now, in being their solution, you must be ready to give them answers to questions. Be ready for their complaints and be prepared to solve their problems when they come calling. A good customer service is one that would be available to give its clients answers when they call.


You might not be able to solve all the problems of your customer but that doesn’t mean you should be a dummy. If you can’t solve all their problems, you should be able to solve at least 2/3rd of it. Also let them be happy that they can get something close to a solution. They might not leave completely satisfied but they should leave with a smile on their faces. Another day, they will be happy to call back.


Try to make sure you are their first and last resort.



Not losing your customers entails that you keep them happy, give them the satisfaction they deserve and making them see reasons to come back to you another day.