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10 Businesses You Can Start From Home
18th August, 2017 Writers
  • If you are interested in starting a business from home, this is for you.
While for some businesses you need some sort of cooperate office to work, for others you can actually start and use your home as your office.

Here is a brief list of some businesses you can start from home…

1. Bakery

Becoming a baker in a country like Nigeria, you will experience a huge turnout in clients to patronize you. Baking has become one of the best source of income for a lot of Nigerians as various events take place in the country. As a baker, you can decide to choose what area you want to focus your baking like baking cakes or bread.

To become an expert at this sort of business, you will need a baking recipe book to aide you and also you will need to learn from others that are good at it. Becoming good at it will help you attract a great number of customers.

2. Event Planning

As it is, Nigeria is a very great country where this business will thrive. There is no week you don’t get to hear about one event or the other, most especially weddings. As an event planner, your focus will be on how to make the event you plan well organized and beautiful. This is the reason old and new clients will want to come back to you for more.

Work towards building a well-organized event planning team and be available when you are called upon. As a planner for events, you must be efficient and prepared when your assistance is needed.

3. Fashion Designing

As a fashion designer, you must be creative and have an eye for good dress concepts. You should have a good skill in picking out colors and work well with dress combination. You should be able to work with your hands well. All these can be learned properly once you are interested in delving into this field and of course you can start from home.

4. Custom Clothing Business

Your main target will be those attending events and organizations. In this area, you will never cease to get jobs to do for people so it is advisable that as soon as you get your business running, you should get people to work with you so as to make it very much easy for you to run. You must also be creative in this line and be good with color combinations too.

5. Laundry Service

This is a very good business to start even in your room. For a start, you will need a source of electricity (for a country like Nigeria, having a standby generator is very necessary), washing machine, detergent and a pressing iron. A lot of people find it quite stressful to wash their clothes and would be looking for someone that could render such service. Setting up a laundry service in a place where people have to wake up every morning to go to work or in a university environment is a great idea. In delivering this service, you will want to make sure that you give the best so as to have regular customers coming back.

6. Babysitting

Some couples have to leave their very young children (1-3 years old) in the hands of someone when they have to go to work. You could start using your home to render that service. You should be ready to change diapers, feed the babies, put them to sleep, teach them to do certain things and also be around them all the time to avoid injuries. Also get toys that they will play with and a TV set where they can watch children shows and cartoons because children get to learn faster this way.

7. Computer Repair
Computer owners need experts to help them service their systems, upgrade the systems, install updates and also fix issues in their computer systems. You will be very much patronized once you are able to get your skill up in this area. Learn to repair computers and be ready to solve the problem these computer owners usually have.

8. Jewelry, Cosmetics & Perfumes

Buy jewelries, cosmetics and perfumes at cheap rates, make connections with people around and get to sell to them. You can also decide to focus on only one of these items.

9. Instrument Lesson

Pick a musical instrument and learn it properly and then turn it into a business. If you look out there, you will see that there are a lot of people wanting to learn these instruments. So get people that are willing to learn and give them practical lessons. You can also give out some video or written tutorials so that they can always go back home and continue their learning process.

10. Online Business

One very interesting and profitable business to start is the online/ internet business. Go online, create a website and begin passing across vital information on the area you are really good at. There are a number of businesses to plunge into online, pick one and work with it. Here are some profitable online businesses you can choose from-

-Website design

-Niche blogging/ Writing

-Online buying and selling on eBay.

As you run any of these businesses, have in mind that at the beginning, it can be tough and also know that you must spread information about what you do. Tell people about you, have a business and contact information and card. With these things, you are creating a growing and lasting business for yourself.