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12th June, 2017 Writers
  • Short story about how Janet finds her self.

“This is my beautiful wife Janet”, my husband said smiling and putting his harms around me as he introduced me to his friends. I smiled at all of them seated and felt a warm glow inside. One of his friends close by said “aaaah boss , so you have been hiding this your beautiful wife from us all this while!” and my smile widened. Today was the first day in our over twenty years of marriage that my husband has asked me to come hang out with him.
Every day after work, he comes home, gets changed and mumbles to me “I’m going out” and I don’t see him till the early hours of the morning the next day.
No, I’m not happy about it, but I was raised in a home where women don’t question men or express displeasure. So I keep quiet and open the gate for him whenever he comes home.
I once tried to complain about his behavior to my mum and she said “ you are talking, at least he comes home even though you have not given him any children. Count your blessings and shut up!” so I learned to shut up.
I came back from work that evening by 4 pm as usual, changed in to my night gown and warmed my dinner. One good thing about his always going out was that I never had to cook dinner for both of us I simply ate whatever I wanted. I was about to switch the TV on to catch up on my telenovellas when I heard him mumble something. I assumed it was the usual talk of going out but this time the mumble sounded different, “what did you say?” I asked. “I said get ready, by seven we are going out”. I was so shocked my mouth hung open for several minutes after he had left. I finally got myself together and ran to my neighbor and good friend Mary’s house. “Mary what will I wear, it’s in less than two hours I don’t go out ,I …I” “ah ah, Janet , calm down what are you going on about” she said, looking perplexed at my excitement and agitation. I finally calmed down and explained to her and she laughed. “Ordinary outing you are shaking like chicken they beheaded, come to my room let’s find something for you to wear.”
Two hours later we were sitting at a classy bar and grill and I was looking very glamorous as my husband introduced me to his friends. They spent most of the time talking about business but I wasn’t really listening, I was busy looking around and enjoying the expertly grilled chicken wings I was served. Next thing, the men stood up to leave and said their goodbyes to me while he walked them to their car. I sat back and couldn’t help smiling, I was hoping this was a new chapter in our marriage where we go out as a couple and have fun. I couldn’t believe he put his arms around me; it had been so long since he touched me.
A few minutes later he came back to our table and mumbled to me that some other friends were coming to join us and I could stay or leave if a wished. The same man who had his arms around me a few seconds ago had reverted back to his cold self. I didn’t say anything in reply but still thanked God that I was out with him.
We were joined by five men and one very busty young girl of about twenty. The men all came over to greet me and smile but the girl just sat down and acted like I was invisible.
I was shocked to see this girl playing with these men, my husband inclusive, who were over thirty years older than her and they were all acting like children in her hands. My own husband who I have lived with for over twenty years and never had the courage to look in the eye when talking to him was laughing like a two year old while this little girl shouted at him at him and ate from the same plate with him.
The next day when I got home from work I went over to Mary’s house and told her all that had happened. “And the worst part was that I found out that the only reason she asked me to come with him yesterday was because he has been trying to secure a business deal with the first set of people that came. He found out that they prefer doing business with family men as they feel they are more trust worthy.” she shook her head and said “in as much as I’m angry with the way he behaved, I blame you”. Over the years I have gotten used to Mary’s brutal honesty and I always come to her when I need to hear the truth so I wasn’t shocked by what she said or how direct she was. The thing is I also knew I was to blame, and so I said “I know, I let it happen. I always thought if I let him live his life as he wanted and never complained or expressed myself it will make up for the fact that I never had a child.” “who told you you are to blame? Or did you hear that he has another child somewhere?” “Do you know it was just today that thought actually occurred to me, I have spent years punishing myself, living this empty life trying to please a man who doesn’t even see that I exist. Its time I start living for me even if it’s just a little, its time I get back to the vibrant and bubbly babe I use to be even if I’m in my fifties , I still have some groove left in me.” I said with hope and confidence , raising my gaze to meet Mary’s and I was shocked to see her eyes welling up with tears. “You don’t know how much I have missed the vibrant lady you use to be and how long I have waited for you to realize this! I know exactly where we will start, with a fashion and hair make over!”